The Incredible Mr. Powers: Texas Middle School Teacher Retires After 60 Years of Perfect Attendance

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In the classrooms of Walker Junior High in Texas, many things have changed over the years, but one constant presence has remained: Howard Powers, the art teacher. After an impressive 60 years of teaching, Mr. Powers is now retiring. However, his final days on the job have been marked by another extraordinary achievement: perfect attendance throughout his entire career.

What kept Powers going day after day, without fail, was his genuine love for teaching. As he shared with CBS 7, the most fulfilling part of his role was witnessing his students enjoy themselves. The subject he dedicated his life to, art, brought a unique kind of joy. He explained, "It’s thrilling, it’s captivating, and it also allows others to experience a part of you. It might inspire them to create something for themselves."

Throughout his tenure, Powers taught over 1,000 students ranging from second to eighth grade. One of those students, Chad Branham, is currently the principal at Walker Junior High. Powers presented the school with a parting gift – an oil painting. This was not an isolated act; Powers had donated several paintings to the school over the years, leaving behind tangible evidence of his unwavering dedication and passion.

Last month, after enjoying decades of good health, Powers received a diagnosis of leukemia and pneumonia. However, he maintains a positive perspective, stating to CBS 7, "Why worry about it? Life is too short to be concerned with trivial matters."

Powers made a significant impact not only on his students but also on his colleagues. Florenda, a school employee and former pupil, expressed her gratitude, stating, "We are losing a coworker who is generous and kind. We were fortunate to have him."

Before bidding farewell on his last day, Powers had some final words for his students and colleagues: "I consider it a privilege to have been your teacher and to have learned from you about life. I wish you all the best."

Howard Powers, the art teacher at Walker Junior High in Texas, is 80 years old and has been teaching for 59 years without ever missing a day of school!

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