The early 1920s saw a lot of ragtime music influence dance. Jazz gained a lot of popularity in the latter part of the 1920s. Jazz, Blues, Broadway and dance music were the most popular genres of music in 1920’s. Paul Whiteman, Nat Shilkret and others were among the biggest musicians in dance groups. Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington are just a few of the jazz greats. Blues was another popular music genre. Many people played the blues. Mamie Smith and Ma Rainey were some of the most prominent blues musicians. Broadway is the last genre of music I’m going mention. Fanny Brice and Helen Morgan are just a few of the notable people who have been associated with this music genre. The undergrounds were the first home for dance bands, which later grew into clubs.

Underground speakers were initially small but grew to be a popular choice for music and dance. Private clubs, jazz clubs, dance clubs, roadhouses, and private clubs all offer music and dancing in the same way as a speaker. Everybody would find a place to meet and party, regardless of their dance preferences and the latest music. They were big fans of dancing. These scenes inspired many famous dances. Dance music was so popular in 1920s America that almost every town had a place where people could meet to dance. Classic pop was founded on dance music. There were many pop classics, including the “The Black Bottom”, ‘Shimmy’, ‘Foxtrot’, Foxtrot’ and Charleston”. The Charleston is the most well-known dance move of all five. It was first introduced in 1923. The Broadway musical “Runnin Wild” featured a song called Charleston. The Charleston was very similar to ragtime music. Although there were many orchestras that performed this style of music, most orchestras switched between genres depending on the current trends. People wore more bulky clothes as a result. Jazz is another well-known music genre. Jazz music originated in New Orleans’ black communities around the turn of the century. Jazz music was born out of a mixture of European and African styles. This style is difficult because it incorporates many elements from several styles. This period saw a lot of jazz. It influenced what people wore and how they danced. The American middle class was open to jazz as a cultural music. Jazz scholars normally distinguish “Jazz” from “White Jazz”.

The two were vastly different. Jazz was the first African American artist. The most popularized artist was white jazz. They had a lot of jazz stations. Radio was an important medium for the promotion of jazz music. Bix Bederbecke, a well-known player in jazz, is one such example. Many clubs refused to allow black musicians into black clubs. Blues is one genre I won’t be writing about. The origins of the blues are most likely African Americans from the deep south. Most songs were about the problems of the writer or their racial backgrounds. Blues was a popular genre that was sung by black musicians. Mamie Smith was one the most prominent blues musicians. Mamie Smith was a pioneer in blues vocal performances. She wrote the song “Crazy Blues”, which was immensely popular in black communities. Ma Rainey, also known as “Mother of Blues”, was another major blues musician.

Many believed she was bisexual. She was also a strong voice for LGBTQ. Bessie was the “Empire of Blues” artist. She was the highest-paid African American performer. Broadway is the last genre I will be talking about. In the 1920s, the first movie of any length was made. After movies, musicals were the next step. Musicals are a New York-based invention. Broadway was the place where many musically gifted people met to create new works. George and Ira Green and Cole Porter were some of Broadway’s most prominent composers. Some broadway films have been made into musicals, for example “Sally”,” “Show Boat”, or “Rio Rita”. Some broadways shows were merged with new jazz.


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